The fencers who are present at a tournament are seeded based on their current rank in the GHSFL points list (for the first tournament of the season, the ranking from the end of the previous season is used). Among fencers who are tied in the rankings or who are unranked, seeding is random.

The seeds are assigned as soon as sign in closes and a listing of them should be posted by the tournament scorer. Here is an example from a fictitious tournament.

Example of initial seeding report

Note that Q and Frakes are both ranked 12th, they are seeded 3 and 4 at random. Also, the unranked fencers are seeded 6-11 at random.

The initial seeding is used to ensure that each pool has about the same strength. For example the number 1 seed may be assigned to pool 1, number 2 to pool 2, and so on. If there are six pools, the number 6 seed would be assigned to pool 6 and then the process is reversed with the number 7 seed also going in pool 6, number 8 in pool 5 and so on backwards and forwards.

The actual pool assignments may be varied in order to spread each club evenly over all the pools (so we don’t have, for example, one pool that is mainly Pope fencers and another that is mainly Roswell), but each of the pools should still be of similar strength. As far as possible, pools will have the same number of fencers (events usually have either pools of 6 and 7 fencers or pools of 5 and 6 fencers). Each fencers fences one bout against every other fencer in the pool.

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