Fencers should keep track of their scores during the tournament so that they can verify that the official score sheet is correct before signing it. This is particularly important during pools as fencers do not sign the score sheet until the pool is finished, so there will be several scores to check.

Download and print the personal score sheet to have a place to track scores. The score sheet is has space to record notes on how the bouts went and how the opponents fenced. These notes can be a useful reminder of things to ask Coach for help with at the next practice, and things to remember when fencing the same opponent in the future.  If you don’t manage to record all the scores during the tournament, you can always fill them in later by copying them from the scores in the League section of this website (Click on League in the menu above, choose the current season and click on the “Scores” link for the tournament in question).

The first page is where scores and notes are entered. The second page contains reference material showing the order of bouts in pools and how fencers are placed in the DE bracket. They are designed so that they can be printed on both sides of the paper and placed in a loose leaf notebook.


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