This section links to several files that may be of use to tournament hosts. With most browsers, the buttons labeled “View PDF” will open the PDF version of the file and those labeled “PowerPoint” will download the PowerPoint version of the file. If you just want to download the PDF version, right-click on the button and choose “Save link as…”.


I hope to expand this section in the future.

Competition Format document   View PDF

Includes information on planning tournaments such as:

  • Standard start times
  • Requirements for scrimmages
  • Tournament fees
  • Minimum number of strips for which the host must have space
  • Space required for strips to ensure safe fencing
  • Safety checks for masks and gloves
  • Withdrawals (medical) and exclusions (lack cards)
  • Requirements for neutral referees and floor judges


These files contain various signs that might be useful at a tournament. They have a similar style and are branded with the GHSFL logo. Each file is available in two versions:

  • A PowerPoint (.pptx) file for those would like to customise the signs and have Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • A PDF file for those who do not need to customise the slides.

Tournament signs   View PDF   PowerPoint

This file includes signs for:

  • Various tables (Sign In, Mask and Glove Check, etc.).
  • Directing people to the tournament (for example from the school entrance).
  • Directing people to strips in different rooms (add the appropriate strip numbers).
  • Telling schools where the strips they are responsible for are located.

Results signs    View PDF   PowerPoint

This file includes headers to identify the results posted on the wall (Men’s Initial seeding, Women’s Direct Elimination, etc).

School signs     View PDF   PowerPoint

This file includes a sign for each school in the league containing the school’s name and logo. You can use these to identify where the school’s fencers should put their fencing bags, and which strips the school is responsible for.

Strip numbers   View PDF   PowerPoint

This file simply includes signs with strip numbers that can be taped to the tables used for scoring equipment.

Day of the tournament

Referee meeting   View PDF

This file contains notes on points that should be covered in the Referee Meeting. The meeting is conducted by the Chair of the Bout Committee, who is usually the head coach of the host school.

GHSFL Medical Withdrawal Form   View PDF

This file contains the form that must be completed when a fencer must withdraw from a tournament for medical reasons. You should have a few copies of this form on hand in case there is a withdrawal. Completed forms should be stored with the score sheets and given to the GHSFL Vice Chair after the tournament.

Fencing Time

These files are for the use of the person who will be running Fencing Time. Note that the GHSFL Database and Tournament Files will not be posted here, they will be e-mailed to the host schools a day or two before the tournament.

GHSFL Fencing Time Instructions   View PDF

This file contains instruction on how to use Fencing Time to run a GHSFL Tournament. Fencing Time has its own user manual, but it includes more information than is necessary for GHSFL tournaments. People who are already familiar with Fencing Time should still read the GHSFL Instructions to learn the correct options to select for a GHSFL tournament.


This following image is the GHSFL logo in a format suitable for customising the Fencing Time reports for GHSFL tournaments. To download it right-click on the image and choose “Save image as…” (Not “Save link as…”). The file name should be “GHSFL Logo FT.bmp”.

Bout plan spreadsheet   Download Excel file

The spreadsheet can be used to visualise a plan for for the assignment of bouts to strips during a tournament. See the included “Read Me” worksheet for details of how to use it.

Fencing Time test files   ZIP file

If you want to practice using Fencing Time before receiving the GHSFL database and tournament file, you can download the software from Fencing Time’s download page and run in Trial Mode without needing to use the league’s license key.

Trial mode has several restrictions, including that tournaments must consist of only one event of no more than 16 fencers. In order to practice in Trial Mode, click on the ZIP file button above to download the file, then extract the test database and test tournament file.

  • The test database contains the names and parties of the first 43 U. S. Presidents
  • The test tournament file pits 14 presidents against each other in a men’s epee event.

You can follow the same instructions as the ones for real GHSFL tournaments. Be sure to practice for when things don’t go smoothly (e.g. a fencer shows up who was not expected, someone withdraws due to injury, or pool results need to be corrected).

Remember that before you run a real tournament, you will need to enter a valid license key, install the latest GHSFL database and open the GHSFL tournament file for your tournament.