Why fencing? Because it’s just plain fun!  You don’t need to be especially large or strong in order to fence.   Fencing is a unique combination of strategy, movement and control; it is sometimes referred to as “physical chess”.  Anyone can learn to fence, and learning will promote fitness, sportsmanship, physical control and balance as well as self-confidence.

Fencing, everyone has dreamed of it

Or as the French say….

The fastest moving object in the Olympic Games

… is a marksman’s bullet.  But the second fastest is the tip of a fencer’s blade.  This video by nationally ranked fencer Holly Buechel starts out at full speed and then slows the action down so you can appreciate the grace and skill.

US women’s epee team fence for bronze in the 2012 Olympics

This video of the bronze medal match is 56 minutes long.  To see the exciting final three bouts, skip to the 34 minute 40 second mark. To see the deciding final bout, skip to the 48 minute 30 second mark.

Click here to watch the bronze medal match on YouTube
Women's Epee Team Bronze

If you (or your son or daughter) will be attending Pope this school year and are interested in joining the club, click here to see what’s involved.


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