It takes a lot of volunteers to keep the club running. This page describes the various tasks that need to be done.  Our greatest need is for referees and score keepers (training is available) and for someone to organise the concessions stand at home tournaments as well as food at meetings (last year’s organiser will explain how this is done). We also need someone to transport scoring equipment to and from tournaments.

The other roles are filled for 2017-18, but we lose about a quarter of our parents (the most experienced ones) each year as their fencers graduate, so we need new parents to learn these roles this season and be ready to take them on next season.  Ready to sign up? There will be a sign-up sheet for volunteers at the parent meeting at the start of the school year.

Volunteer job descriptions

Needed at each tournament

For tournament dates go to the League section of the website and click on the current season.  We always need more volunteers for tournaments. We need volunteers for all these jobs.

Timer/score keepers

  • Assist the referee by keeping track of time remaining and maintaining the score sheet (training is available)
  • We will need 4-6 scorekeepers at each tournament



  • Act as referee at league tournaments (training is required)
  • We will need 4-6 referees at each tournament


Equipment transportation

  • Before each tournament, collect the club’s scoring equipment from school after practice.
  • Deliver it to the host school before the tournament starts
  • Return it to Pope in time for the next practice
  • The equipment box has wheels, but it takes two people to lift. It is about 3′ x 2′ x 2′, so an SUV, minivan or truck is probably required.


Needed at home tournaments

For tournament dates go to the League section of the website and click on the current season.

Tournament director

This job is filled for 2017-18

The tournament director is in overall charge of the running of the tournament.

  • Communicate with the other schools who are competing
  • Plan the tournament (number of strips, start times, create sign-in sheets)
  • Run the tournament (decide on pools sizes, assign bouts to strips)



We need at least two volunteers.

  • Take score sheets from the scoring table to the strips.
  • Keep the posted results on the wall of the gym up to date


Computer operator

This job is filled for 2017-18

  • Remove fencers from the tournament if they do not sign in
  • Create pool assignments and print score sheets
  • Enter results


Concessions stand manager

We need one or two people to organise the concessions stand at home tournaments

  • Decide what will be sold at the concessions stand
  • Solicit and accept donations of food, buy what is not donated, order pizza (the treasurer will reimburse costs)
  • Create the shift roster for staffing the concessions stand and solicit volunteers for the shifts
  • Send a volunteer to pick up the pizza at the right time
  • Organise food and drink at meetings (e.g. parent meeting and referee clinics)


Concessions stand workers

We need several volunteers to staff the concessions stand during the tournament. shifts are generally 2-3 hours long.

Referee table

  • Organise the complimentary food and drink that we provide for referees, score keepers and coaches


Tournament layout supervision

We have someone to do this job for 2017-18, but we could use an assistant so that we can set up in the gym and the cafeteria at the same time.

We typically have fencers do the actual moving of furniture and laying tape to mark the strips. The supervisor will:

  • Supervise laying the strips and setting up tables and chairs according to a plan that will be provided
  • Make sure there is sufficient space for safe fencing and for people to move about the room


Needed throughout the season


This job is filled for 2017-18

  • Maintain the club’s accounts
  • Collect dues and other income
  • Pay the club’s expenses
  • Reimburse club members for expenses incurred


Team parent/uniforms

This job is filled for 2017-18

  • Practice support
    • Provide any assistance requested by the coach
    • Be available to help the fencers with non-fencing related issues
    • Attend all practices to ensure there are two adults present to help avoid any possible liability issues
  • Tournament support
    • Keep track of spare team uniforms and get items to fencers who need it.
    • Help fencers be at the right strip at the right time
    • Look out for new fencers, help fencers address any concerns
  • Uniforms
    • Make sure fencers and families know what they need to buy and help them find where to buy it
    • Act as a clearing house for former fencers to sell equipment to new fencers
    • Maintain the club’s spare equipment and uniform parts
    • Work with Pope’s Spirit Wear vendor to get t-shirts, names on jackets, etc.



We have an armorer for 2017-18, but we could use a trainee to learn the job.

  • Maintain equipment (weapons and scoring equipment)
  • Test weapons and other equipment before tournaments
  • Maintain the club’s supply of spare parts
  • Perform adjustments and repairs (where possible) at tournaments and practices


Public Relations

This job is filled for 2017-18

  • Get publicity for the club in our community.
    • Submit articles for Hound Highlights
  • Work with the league’s Government Relations Officer to Coordinate Pope’s participation in the GHSFL Day at the Capitol.
  • About the time of Spring Break, publicise our summer camp(s) in the local middle schools and local media.
  • Communicate with other groups at Pope that we need to coordinate our use of Pope facilities with such as
    • Band and Colour Guard
    • Orchestra
    • Drama Club
    • Football


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