What to buy

Fencers must provide their own personal equipment, this is not included in the club dues. The things that are needed are described in the Fencing Equipment List.

The Pope patch

The Pope patch (a blue “P” with the word “Pope” on the upright) should be sewn on your fencing jacket. It goes on the non-weapon arm (i.e. the left sleeve for right-handed fencers) between the elbow and the shoulder.

How to wash

Fencers tend to sweat a lot, so it is important to wash uniforms when they start to smell funky. Here are some tips:

  • Wash jackets, knickers (pants), plastrons (underarm protectors) and removable mask linings in cold water with no bleach or fabric softener. Make sure you fasten plastic clips and Velcro before washing. Do not dry in the dryer. Hang to dry, it may take a couple of days.
  • Wash gloves labelled as washable (the ones in the Absolute Fencing starter set are washable)  in cool or cold water and hang to dry. Close the Velcro fastening before washing and don’t mix a coloured glove with whites.
  • Wash socks in warm or hot water (and of course, not with whites).

Buying and selling used equipment

To help reduce the cost of fencing for our members, the club will buy used equipment from fencers (as long as it is in good condition) and sell it to fencers who need it. The prices are the same no matter what the equipment cost to buy new, so fencers with high end gear will get a better price selling privately. Our price list for buying and selling is:

Item Price
Jacket $25
Knickers (pants) $15
Plastron (under arm protector) $10
Glove $5
Mask $25
Epee $25
Body cord $5
Fencing bag $15
Women’s chest protector $10

If you are buying, keep in mind that our stock is limited to whatever we bought recently and your size may not be available. If you are selling, please understand that if we already have a large number of a given item, we may need to stop buying it until we have sold what we already have.


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