Round 6 of the regular season was on 16 December and Pope competed at North Springs High School.


This was a huge tournament, so it was much harder than usual to earn points and win medals.

That didn’t bother Lyndsay Wagner, who brought home her 5th gold medal of the season in the women’s event.

Of the 25 Pope fencers who competed, 8 earned points for themselves and their team by finishing in the top 16 of their event. In addition to Lyndsay, they were Ryan Kretzmer (6th), Dillon Loubser (7th), Sara Nelson (8th), Matthew Chambers (9th), Mackenzi Mims (12th), Joey Montalvo (13th) and Safa Bamatraf (14th).

Dillon set a new personal best with his 7th place finish. Lyndsay’s 1st place equalled her personal best.

In the women’s individual standings, Lyndsay remains in 1st place and Sara moves up to 10th. In the men’s individual standings, Ryan remains in 3rd place and Jett is 9th.

The Pope women are now in 2nd place in the women’s team standings, 23 points behind Johns Creek and 105 points ahead of Chattahoochee. The men remain in 3rd place, 34 points behind Centennial and 78 points ahead of Johns Creek. In the combined team points list, Pope is still in 1st place, 55 points ahead of Johns Creek.

Championship outlook

One of the requirements to compete in either the Individual or Team Championship is to have competed in at least four regular season tournaments.

Of the fencers who have competed in four tournaments, the 84 men and 84 women with the most points at the end of the regular season will qualify for the Individual Championship (if there is a tie for the 84th place, the tied fencers will all qualify). There is no way to know at this point, but any fencers who have less than about 20 points will probably need to earn more points if they want to be in that top 84.

Pope can send one men’s team and one women’s team to the Team Championship. Each team consists of four fencers (who must all have competed in at least four regular season tournaments). After the Individual Championship, Coach Eichler will select the four men and four women who he believes will best represent Pope. Just in case there is a last minute illness, he will also select a 5th man and woman to be ready to sign in on the day of the Championship if one of the other four are not able to be there.

Detailed results

A summary of the Pope results has been e-mailed to fencers and parents. Detailed results are in the League section of this website. Go to and click on the links to see the results of any tournament this season, the men’s and women’s individual and team standings, or how the fencers at a particular school are doing.


Here is the Pope roster for the tournament. As usual, if you are on the roster but not able to fence, or of you are not on the roster but would like to fence, please let us know immediately by replying to the e-mail from stats man.

Men (17) Women (9)
Avena, Joey Bamatraf, Safa
Chambers, Matthew Freitas, Christina
Hill, Blake Goodman, Sophie
Hunt, Chris Hasleton, Samantha
Kretzmer, Ryan Hornsby, Alea
Ledbetter, Nathan Mims, Mackenzi
Loubser, Dillon Nelson, Sara
Maswanganye, Nyiko Soriano, Helena
Mazzoni, Roman Wagner, Lyndsay
McDonald, Connor
Meeks, Xander
Montalvo, Joey
Shook, Phillip
Smith, Jett
Veller, Denis
Walter, Noah
Yawn, Joshua

Start times

Start times will be the standard ones:

  •   7:30 – Sign in opens
  •   8:15 – Referee meeting
  •   8:30 – Men’s sign in closes
  • 10:00 – Women’s sign in closes

Fencers should arrive at least 30 minutes before sign in closes. Referees and scorekeepers should arrive in time for the referee meeting.


The address of North Springs High School is 7447 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30328. According to Google Maps, it is a 22 minute drive from Pope if there is no traffic.

Please enter through main gym ONLY off Dalyrimple Rd which is the street CVS is on the corner of. If you are going south on Roswell Rd (from the Roswell/Alpharetta area), you will make a left at the CVS.

Schools competing

There are two tournaments on this date with about half of the schools in each tournament. Points will be awarded to the top 16 fencers in each event.

Competing with us are: