Round 1 of the regular season was on 9 September and Pope competed at Alpharetta High School.


Pope won three medals today. In the women’s event, Lyndsay Wagner won gold and Sara Nelson took bronze (her first medal). In the men’s event, Ryan Kretzmer won his first gold. This was the Pope men’s first gold since Luben Jelezarov won the Men’s Championship on 22 February 2014. Katie Van Riper won the Women’s Championship on that same day, making it also the last time Pope won both the men’s and women’s events.

Of the 34 Pope fencers who competed, 12 earned points for themselves and their team by finishing in the top 16 of their event. In addition to the medal winners, they were Alea Hornsby (6th – her first top 8 finish), Samantha Hasleton (8th – her first top 8 finish) and Sophie Goodman (9th – her first points), Mackenzi Mims (10th) and Safa Bamatraf (11th – earning points in her first ever tournament) for the women; and Roman Mazzoni (5th), Jett Smith (11th), Leo Nayshtut (13th) and Xander Meeks (14th) for the men. An incredible 7 of the 9 Pope women earned points.

Five Pope fencers set new personal bests, they were Ryan Kretzmer (1st), Sara Nelson (3rd), Alea Hornsby (6th), Samantha Hasleton (8th) and Sophie Goodman (9th). In additions, Lydsay Wagner’s 1st place equalled her personal best.

The Pope women start the season in 1st place in the women’s team standings, 29 points ahead of 2nd placed Johns Creek. The men are in 2nd place, 17 points behind Centennial. In the combined team points list, Pope is in 1st place, 40 points ahead of Johns Creek.

Ten of our twelve first year fencers competed in their first tournament today and they did amazingly well. In addition to Safa Bamatraf, four first year fencers qualified for the DE round: Matthew Chambers (19th – winning his first DE bout), Christina Freitas (20th), Noah Walter (34th) and Connor McDonald (51st).

Detailed results

A summary of the Pope results has been e-mailed to fencers and parents. Detailed results are in the League section of this website. Go to and click on the links to see the results of any tournament this season, the men’s and women’s individual and team standings, or how the fencers at a particular school are doing.


Here is Pope’s roster for the tournament, As usual, if you are on the roster but not able to compete, or if you are not on the roster but would like to compete, please let us know immediately.

Men (23) Women (9)
Avena, Joey Bamatraf, Safa
Chambers, Matthew Freitas, Christina
Dixon, Carter Goodman, Sophie
Hill, Blake Hasleton, Samantha
Kashif, Hisham Hornsby, Alea
Kretzmer, Ryan Mims, Mackenzi
Ledbetter, Nathan Nelson, Sara
Loubser, Dillon Soriano, Helena
Maswanganye, Nyiko Wagner, Lyndsay
Mazzoni, Roman
McDonald, Connor
Meeks, Xander
Montalvo, Joey
Nayshtut, Leo
Prillaman, Andrew
Russomanno, Robert
Shook, Phillip
Smith, Jett
St. Louis, Alex
Szwast, John
Veller, Denis
Walter, Noah
Yawn, Joshua



The address of Alpharetta High School is 3595 Webb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005. According to Google Maps, it is a 29 minute drive from Pope if there is no traffic.

The tournament will be in the cafeteria. Enter the school at the front door (opposite the gym entrance), go down the steps and follow the hallway to the cafeteria entrance. If you need to use an elevator, there is one next to the front door.

Alpharetta parking and cafeteria

Schools competing

There are three tournaments on this date with about a third of the schools in each tournament. Points will be awarded to the top 16 fencers in each event.

Competing with us are: